Our teahouse

Our teashop offers a wide selection of high quality teas sourced and hand selected directly from tea growers in China, Taiwan and Japan. We welcome you to visit our teahouse: we will help you try out and choose from our vast selection until you find the specific ones you like the best. We offer fresh white, yellow, green teas as well as fresh and aged oolong, red, black and puerh teas and many special and rare items.

We are not just a traditional shop: it is rather a discovery place for tea lovers where we kindly offer help for beginners but we can also satisfy professionals’ needs. You may also find several accessories that enable our customers to make their own tea at home.

Gongfu tea ceremony

Gongfu tea ceremony is actually a sort of meditation or relaxation. Tea is served in nice and lovely equipments, in handful Yixing teapots or gaiwans with lids, on pitted bamboo teatrays, with pitchers and thimbleful teacups.

Private tasting service

Tea tasting for friends, families, colleagues and companies.

We offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with teas together with your friends, family members or colleagues. Please book an appointment in advance.

You can enjoy special kinds of tastes and aromas and experience the atmosphere of tea- making at an „initiation session” of tea ceremony. We also share specific information  with you  and stories about   different  teas. You can host your friends in a nice environment. Our role is to psych you up to introduce teas and ideas. We discuss the programme with you in advance.  We help you find teas, make the best order of tasting and the process of the session. We demonstrate teas and the preparation process to you.

We basically offer two alternatives to you whereby of course you can differ. Tea tasting is a personal occasion, it is essential to sit together and experience the joy of drinking teas together. This is why it is important for us to take account of your wishes. At the end of tasting you may stay with us or taste more teas if you like.

Easy and introductory tea tasting for a group of maximum 14 persons

(about 2 hours;  HUF 3000 / person but minimum gross HUF 18000)

Preparation and introduction of three traditional delicate teas of your selection or recommended by us. In the meantime you can gain some basic knowledge about tea types and equipments. If needed we will leave you alone for a short time to practise and discuss but you will be able to handle the heater and other equipments by that time. At the end of tastings you may stay with us or taste more teas if you like.

To whom? To those tea lovers who have been using tea bags so far but  want to make a qualitative difference or would like to try more conscious and traditional ways of tea making.

Premium tea tasting for a group of maximum 14 persons

(about 3 hours;  HUF 4500 / person but minimum gross HUF 27000)

Preparation and introduction of four rare and special teas  of your choice or recommended by us.
Sharing special knowledge of teas and croplands with you in the meantime.   If needed we will  leave you alone for a short time to discuss. At the end of tasting you may stay with us and taste more teas if you like.

To whom? To those tea lovers who have tried several types of teas and think about meeting specialities. We offer you a  continuously widening choice of teas and  give you the possibility to experience new tastes and feelings.

Reservation and other information

Please,  make your reservation via e-mail or phone.

The e-mail adress of the teahouse: info@flyingbirdteahouse.co.hu

Phone number: +36 70 601 3110